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What Is Thermage Treatment?



Thermage treatment is one of the latest innovations in skincare technology. It has certainly made a huge impact on those who are intent on keeping their body as youthful looking as possible. For those who are not familiar with Thermage Treatment, it is essential to find out all the relevant facts before considering undergoing such procedure.

This is a fairly new non-invasive procedure, which is mainly used to treat photo aging as well as wrinkles. Thermage uses radio frequency energy, which creates heat that is delivered directly to a specific area of the body in order to achieve desired tightness.

How Does Thermage Affect the Skin?

Thermage is specifically developed to treat sagging skin, fine lines, eye bags, jowls, and many other signs of aging (or premature aging). In addition, it has also been found effective on cellulite.

Main Benefits of Thermage

Non-Invasive Procedure
Many are impressed with this new technology as it eliminates the need for going under the knife. The use of radiofrequency energy has made it possible to target very specific areas of the skin, which used to require incisions that lead to serious scarring.

In addition, since the procedure does not involve any cutting at all, the risk of complications is also significantly reduced. Patients who don’t want surgery can rest easy knowing that they do not have to deal with postoperative wounds.
Minimal Discomfort
Those who choose to undergo Thermage Treatment need not worry about pain management, as the procedure does not entail much pain. The amount of heat generated by the machine can cause a bit of discomfort, which is expected to dissipate in a couple of hours or so after the treatment.

Drastically Reduced Downtime/Recuperation
Due to the non-invasive nature of the procedure, recuperation takes almost no time at all. This allows patients to go about their business immediately after the session, without any need for a rest period. This is quite ideal for those who have busy work schedules that simply cannot accommodate a lengthy recovery.

Quck procedure
The procedure itself is very quick, as it only lasts about 45 minutes for the facial area and an hour or so for larger areas such as the thighs, back, etc.
Virtually No Side Effects
Less than 1% of patients who undergo Thermage treatment experience any side effects at all. Among the common adverse reactions, include redness and/or tenderness of the skin, minor blistering, and bumps. These side effects, however, recede after about a week or so.

Long Lasting Effect

The  effects last at least 2-6 months often considerable longer, after which the patient will need to go back for another session.

Drawbacks of Thermage

  • Effects are Not Instantaneous
  • While the Thermage procedure is highly effective, the rate of progress leaves something to be desired. In most cases, at least 2-3 sessions are required to obtain the most desirable results.
  • Treatments are Expensive
  • The cost of Thermage treatments largely depend on the patient’s choice of clinic and/or doctor and the area and existing condition of the skin being treated. The price ranges from $1000 to $5000 or more, depending on the number of sessions required.

Thermage Tips

Thermage Tip #1 – Find a Reputable Doctor and Skincare Clinic

Thermage treatment has become very popular, which prompted many new clinics to set up shop in order to take advantage of the profits. In order to ensure one’s safety, it is prudent to look for the best doctors who are qualified and experienced in providing Thermage treatment.

Large cities all over the country usually have more than a dozen plastic surgery/skincare clinics, so it would be wise to pay several of them a visit to see which ones are the best equipped and experienced.

Thermage Tip #2 – Compare Treatment Rates

Not all clinics charge the same price for Thermage, which means prospective patients have the opportunity to save money on the treatments they intend to get. Getting in touch with two or more reputable clinics regarding their fees and other charges would allow you to gauge just how much money is needed for the procedure and help ensure that you get the best price for the procedure.

Thermage Tip #3 – Get personal recommendations

In addition to reading and research, you might also want to consider asking for recommendations from friends or relatives who have gone through the treatment. Some clinics and doctors offer discounts to those who were referred by former patients/clients.

Thermage Conclusion

Overall Thermage is a procedure that is worth considering to get younger looking skin without surgery. Thermage treatment has a great number of benefits with very few drawbacks.

Before making the decision whether Thermage treatment is right for you do look at these before and after Thermage treatment photos and read Thermage reviews. Alway have a full consultation with the clinic or clinics before making a final decision.


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