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Thermage CPT

What You Need To Know about Thermage CPT

Thermage CPT

Thermage CPT

Thermage Capacitive Radiofrequency technology treatment, now in its third evolution, is better known as Thermage CPT. This treatment is used to help tighten loose skin, to firm up sagging skin, and to help reduce wrinkles in the face and neck area.

The primary reasons for the increasing use of Thermage treatments is the non-invasive nature of the procedure, and the fact that recovery time is virtually non-existent. Recovery from surgical options like liposuction or facelift is typically anywhere from two to six weeks.

Thermage CPT is considered an excellent non-invasive option for patients who do not want to undergo surgical procedures and protracted recovery periods.

Is Thermage CPT FDA Approved?

Thermage is an FDA approved procedure. This skin tightening system is one hundred percent non-invasive and non-surgical. It is the most recent of the Thermage procedures to be introduced.

How Does Thermage CPT Compare To Previous Thermage Systems?

Thermage CPT is the most updated version of the Thermage systems, and it provides the most skin tightening and fat reduction possible. Additionally, Thermage CPT allows for greater patient comfort during the procedure, and will not cause any pain. In fact, even mild discomfort during a Thermage CPT procedure is quite rare beyond a mild warming feeling.

How Does Thermage CPT Work?

Thermage CPT was created to stimulate collagen production and help reduce the fat deep in the skin. The three layers of the skin include the epidermis (the outer layer you can see), the dermis (the layer immediately underneath the skin, composed of collagen and elastin), and the innermost layer (the fat layer).

Thermage CPT uses radio frequency energy to get to the fat layer of the skin. Once the Thermage CPT radio frequencies have reached the fat layer, the fat is heated via a series of radio pulses. This stimulates collagen production and helps the skin to begin tightening from the inside out.

Who Is Thermage CPT For?

Any person who is looking for overall skin tightening, a reduction in girth of thighs or abdominal fat, or wrinkle reduction in the facial area may be a good candidate for Thermage CPT. People who want to get a face lift, people who have been considering dermal fillers such as Radiesse, Juvederm Ultra Plus, or any collagen fillers. People who have been considering liposuction for fat reduction may also be candidates for Thermage CPT.

This treatment is an alternative for surgical treatments. Even non-surgical treatments like Radiesse and other fillers require anesthetic and substance insertion via needles, so these treatments are still somewhat invasive. Thermage CPT is non-invasive and may be a good way for any person to get results without having to have invasive treatments.

Thermage CPT For The Eye Area

Thermage CPT can help to smooth and tighten up skin around the eyes and reduce wrinkles such as crow’s feet and “hooded” eyes due to sagging. People who have a chronically tired look will be able to benefit from Thermage CPT since it can reduce some of the bags under the eyes that lead to an exhausted look.

Thermage CPT For The Chin/Neck Area

Thermage CPT can help to dramatically tighten up the skin in the neck and chin area. The jowls area can become loose with age, and this area can be tightened back to its former appearance with the help of Thermage CPT.

Thermage CPT For Your Body

Thermage CPT can be used to get results in patients who need to tighten up the fatty areas in the stomach, lower abdominal area, and thighs. Thermage CPT has even been used to reduce fat in the upper arms and the knees. In most areas of the body where liposuction would be an option, Thermage CPT is a viable option for most patients.

How Long Will Thermage CPT Results Last?

Thermage CPT results will typically last for as long as several years. The results depend very much on the condition of the patient prior to the Thermage CPT treatment and also in the way that the patient cares for themselves after the Thermage CPT treatment. Patients who make a concerted effort to eat healthy and do at least some moderate exercise can expect to maintain their excellent Thermage CPT results for longer than those that don’t.


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