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Thermage Eye Treatment

Thermage eye treatment

Thermage eye treatment

Several names are used to describe Thermage  including ThermaCool and  ThermaLift. The medical term for the Thermage process is radiothermoplasty. Thermage is a

non-invasive procedure, approved by the Food and Drug Administration, used to lessen the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. It is popular with those who do not want collagen injections, or do not want to undergo a surgical facelift.

Radiothermoplasty and Effects on Collagen

Radiothermoplasty, the medical term used for the Thermage treatment, delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy in the form of heat, into the deeper levels of the skin. It does not require invasive surgery, or injections. The heating action in the dermal layer of the skin causes the skin tissues and structures to tighten. This tightening of the skin tissues, results in the smoothing of lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Collagen is a fibrous protein, which makes up the body’s connective tissues. Collagen, gives form, structure, and strength to tissues, making the outer layers of skin look firm and smooth. The natural aging process, sun exposure, heredity, and lifestyle, can all cause the collagen in the skin to degenerate. This causes wrinkles and lines to form. The epidermis, or outer layer of skin is where the results of degraded collagen are visible. Collagen is found in the deeper layer, or dermal layer of skin.

With the Thermage treatment, the thermal or heating action from the radiofrequency energy, contracts or tightens the existing collagen in the dermal layer, while also encouraging new collagen production. Because the energy is controlled, the heat is directed specifically to the dermal layer, without damaging the epidermal or outer layer of skin.

Thermage Eye Treatment Procedure

The patented ThermaCool system uses a unique ThermaTip, which delivers a specified amount of radiofrequency heat to the collagen, located in the dermal layer of skin. Simultaneously, the ThermaCool TC (Tissue Contraction) system keeps the outer layers of skin safely cool. Only qualified physicians who specialize in cosmetic treatments and procedures of radiothermoplasty should be sought to administer the Thermage eye treatment.

The board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon will first assess and define problem areas around the eyes. Realistic expectations should be discussed to ascertain whether this treatment is right for your type of skin, and the problem areas that you have. Any side effects which may occur should be discussed as well as any previous treatments or procedures you have had on the eye area. Thermage is used to treat: excess skin on the upper eyelid (hooding), wrinkles and fine lines around the outer eye (crow’s feet), sagging eyes caused by excess skin under the eyes, and wrinkles in the upper eyelid skin.

The face will be cleansed of any makeup or lotion, and a rubber grounding pad will be placed on the abdomen. A small numbing drop and a special contact lens shield will be placed in the eye before the procedure begins. The ThermaCool TC (tissue contraction) tip delivers heated pulses to the eye areas designated, using radiofrequency heat. A sensation of heat will be felt, but should not be painful, although some patients have felt a level of brief discomfort.

Thermage eye treatment procedure usually takes approximately one hour, and there is no down time. There may be some redness of the area around the eyes, and minor swelling may occur, but these should subside on their own within 2-3 days. One treatment will usually suffice, and may last up to 2 years. Depending on the variables of age, skin type, and severity of wrinkles, an additional treatment may be necessary. The general rule of Thermage treatment maintenance is to repeat the process every 2 years as needed, or if over 50 years of age, every year as needed.

Thermage Eye Treatment Results and RecommendationsThermage eye treatment results

Thermage eye treatment works best for people requiring only 1-2 mm of facial tightening. Candidates with very thin, or very heavy facial skin types may not experience desired visible results. The type of skin, age, severity and location of wrinkles all play a part in how successful the treatment is. Thermage delivers very subtle enhancements, so if one’s expectations are too high, Thermage treatment may be disappointing. It is most important to find a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon, who is experienced with the Thermage treatment and techniques.

Who is Thermage Eye Treatment not recommended for?

Those who should not have the Thermage eye treatment are include those who:

  • are using a pacemaker or a cardiac defibrillator
  • have an active skin infection or condition at the time of scheduled treatment
  • are pregnant
  • have had eye surgery in the past 6 months,
  • are scheduled to haveeye surgery in the near future
  • have existing eye conditions such as glaucoma, ocular rosacea, or other pertinent conditions of the eye
  • are younger than 35, or older than 65, due to results being very limited
  • have had another type of collagen treatment within the last month for non-permanent filler procedures, and within 6 months for permanent filler procedures before Thermage eye treatment

Alway see a qualified Thermage practitioner before deciding if the treatment is right for you. Look at Thermage before and after pictures and read Themage treatment reviews to ensure that you make the right decision for you.


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