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Thermage Face Treatment

Thermage Face Treatment Review

Thermage Face Treatment

Thermage Face Treatment

Thermage Face Treatment is a non-invasive procedure to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in facial skin. Using radiofrequency thermal pulses, the collagen is rejuvenated and stimulated to produce new collagen, tightening the skin. It is an approved procedure frequently chosen by people who do not want to have facelift surgery or collagen injections. Thermage can provide many benefits, depending on age, type of skin, and the severity of wrinkles and creases.

Thermage Face Treatment Benefits:

  • tighter, smoother skin by rejuvenation of degraded collagen in the dermal layer of skin
  • tightened jawline and jowling
  • tighter skin under the chin area
  • higher eyebrows
  • softer forehead lines
  • softened crow’s feet around the eyes
  • softer nasolabial (nose and mouth) lines and creases
  • softened acne scars
  • stimulation of new collagen production in the dermal layer of skin, while leaving the epidermis (skin’s surface) untouched
  • usually requires only one treatment that can last for up to 2 years or more
  • there is no down time after the 2-hour procedure, and normal activity
  • may resume immediately after the treatments, and there are usually no painful or long-lasting side effects to experience
  • there are no surgical incisions involved as in a surgical facelift

Thermage Technologythermage treatment

Collagen is a protein which provides structure and support to skin tissue, muscles, tendons, and bones. The aging process, hereditary factors, lifestyle behaviors, and sun exposure, contribute to the skin’s collagen becoming degraded. When the skin is not supported, wrinkles and creases form. When collagen is renewed, the skin becomes fuller, which lessens the appearance of wrinkles. Thermage targets and stimulates collagen in the dermal layer of skin, to repair and generate new collagen for this purpose.

The Thermage procedure is also known as ThermaCool, and ThermaCool TC (tissue contraction). The Thermage procedure uses radiothermoplasty, and a patented ThermaTip to deliver pulses of radiofrequency (RF) energy in the form of heat, into the dermal layer of skin where collagen can be stimulated to generate new collagen. The Thermage face treatment uses the patented ThermaTip to deliver specific amounts of radiofrequency energy to the collagen, while protecting the outer layers of skin.

Thermage Procedure

A board-certified, and experienced doctor trained in the Thermage procedure should be chosen. Possible benefits and expectations should be first discussed to insure that Thermage will provide desired results. Thermage should not be performed on people using a pacemaker or internal cardiac defibrillator. It is also not recommended for those who have had eye surgery in the past 6 months, those who are pregnant, or those with active skin infections.

The skin must be cleansed of all make up initially. Your dermatologist or doctor may offer an oral pain medication, depending on the extent of the treatment area. A local anesthetic is then applied in strategically placed areas of the face, and a facial grid is applied to guide treatment placement. The ThermaTip will deliver a combination of radiofrequency heat pulses, while a cooling spray is delivered before, during, and after each heated application of the treatment tip. This prevents the epidermis or outer skin layer from being burned.

The Thermage procedure lasts approximately 2 hours, and there is no down time following the procedure. However, if you were given an oral pain medication, a ride home should be arranged. The treatment consists of approximately 400-500 pulses of energy, each lasting 2-7 seconds, and results are most often seen in a month, and can last for years.

Thermage Face Treatment Cost

The cost varies depending on the facial area of concentration, and the doctor’s fees, but generally the cost ranges from $2,000-$5,000.

Thermage Face Treatment Conclusion

An ideal candidate for this procedure is someone who does not want a surgical facelift, and wants to achieve subtle lifting and tightening effects without invasive surgery. It is ideal for those who have fine to moderate wrinkling and creasing, and do not necessarily want dermal injections. This procedure should not be compared to a surgical facelift, which can create dramatic change.

Expectations and possible side effects should be discussed thoroughly with the cosmetic professional administering the treatment, before deciding on Thermage face treatment. Successful results can last up to two years, and results will depend on your individual factors, expectations, and the administrator’s expertise. Thermage face treatment is an alternative that can prove to be very successful, if a subtle tightening or softening of wrinkles and creases is desired.


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