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Thermage Side Effects

What are the Side Effects of Thermage?

Thermage side effects

Thermage side effects

Thermage actually has very few reported side effects. Radio-thermo-plasty, the basis of Thermage treatments, has a long history of safety. Radio-thermo-plasty has been used in the medical field for many years.

Thermage has been proven to be safe and Thermage side effects are very few, when administered by trained medical professionals. Thermage side effects are usually fewer and less severe than experienced with other cosmetic treatments. None the less you need to be aware of possible side effects of Thermage treatment.

Thermage Side Effects

  • Redness in Treatment Area – Thermage treatment may cause the areas treated to become red (similar to a sunburn effect), but will usually dissipate within a few hours. In extreme cases, this transient reddening may last a few weeks.
  • Swelling – Mild to moderate, temporary swelling usually occurs immediately following the treatment, and will usually dissipate within 2 to 5 days.
  • Facial Sensations – It is very uncommon, but tingling, soreness, and burning sensations may occur following treatment, and dissipate within a few days. This seems to be most prevalent along the jawline, but is very rare.
  • Irregularity Of Treatment Area – This is dependent upon the expertise of the professional administering Thermage treatments. If the radiofrequency pulses of heat are not administered uniformly, irregularity in facial appearance may result.
  • Bumps Or Blistering – There is a slight possibility of developing blisters on the outer skin layer, if the controlled radiofrequency pulse is too hot. This should not result in any scarring, and is treated like a sunburn, or any other superficial skin blister.
  •  Skin Indentation – Small skin indentations may be observed, but this is a rare occurrence, and are usually temporary.


Thermage Benefits

Thermage benefits

Thermage benefits


Thermage side effects are generally very limited, but should still be discussed with your doctor, along with your medical history, before deciding on this procedure. Besides limited side effects, Thermage does have other certain benefits over alternative treatments such as collagen filler injections and plastic surgery.

Some of the major advantages of Thermage are:

  • That the treatment is non-invasive
  • Thermage costs less overall
  • Thermage effect continues after the procedure is performed.


Non-Invasive Thermage TreatmentThermage  treatment

Non-invasive Thermage cosmetic treatment may be preferred, because unlike plastic surgery, Thermage does not require skin incisions, therefore, there is little risk of infection. Thermage rarely causes bruising or scarring, and there is no healing, or down time due to invasive procedures or anesthetics administered. Facial cosmetic surgery does result in much more dramatic changes, however, one has to live with the changes, or have another surgery to correct the former procedure if the desired results are not achieved.

Thermage Does Not Cause Allergic Reactions

Some dermal filler injectables are made from bovine, porcine, or synthetic materials, and may be rejected by the body. There is also a risk of infection when injecting, and an allergy test may be mandatory before any treatment, which takes approximately one month prior to treatment. Many cosmetic fillers are injected above the dermal layer, and plumpen the outer layer of skin, yet do not stimulate growth of new collagen. Hyaluronic acid fillers do inject into the dermal layer of the skin, however the injections must be repeated after 6 months or so.

Thermage Stimulates New Collagen Growth

Thermage can work to stimulate new collagen growth in the dermal layer of skin, with one treatment, unlike dermal fillers, hyaluronic acid fillers, and other non-permanent cosmetic treatments. One Thermage treatment, as opposed to 3-4 scheduled injectable treatments, can cost much less. Although the Thermage procedure may be administered once a year, depending on age and severity of wrinkles, the maintenance is generally much less than other methods.

Thermage Can Be Used On Any Facial Area

Thermage face treatment

Thermage face treatment

Thermage can potentially work on all facial areas, and on any skin type. Some variables may produce more visible results than others, but Thermage can work on any facial feature where correction is desired. Thermage treats the underlying source of the wrinkles and creases and does not just fill in to mask them temporarily. Stimulation of collagen to provide skin structure, and stimulation to produce new collagen is the goal of Thermage. The Thermage effects continue to work, long after the procedure is completed.

Thermage Conclusion

Thermage treatment is a safe and effective way to stimulate collagen growth, and lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. There is no risk of infection from injecting a foreign substance into the body, or due to incisions from surgery. One treatment usually suffices to correct skin structure and texture, as opposed to maintenance injections every few months, and Thermage stimulates collagen to produce new collagen after the procedure is over.

Thermage may not be for everyone however. If you are looking for dramatic, visible changes in your facial structure, Thermage may not be the best option. If you are looking for subtle changes, with restoration of the skin, and collagen stimulation, restoration and production, then Thermage is a great option. If your expectations are realistic, and a more subtle, gradual, healthy-looking change is the desired outcome, Thermage could be right for you. Thermage side effects are generally minimal, and the benefits of younger, healthier looking skin without surgery or injections make Thermage well worth considering.


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