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Thermage Treatment

Thermage CPT Skin Treatment

Thermage treatment

Thermage Treatment may very well be the amazing new skin treatment that those hoping to restore their youthful appearance are looking for. But you need to be absolutely sure whether or not the procedure is all that it claims to be.

Such skepticism is understandable. Quite a number of products have emerged on the skin care horizon over the years and they made all manner of amazing promises and failed to even remotely deliver. While traditional cosmetic surgery has been proven to work, the cost is enormous and there will always be risks and complications present.


Thermage Treatment Explained

Thermage is a special process that employs radiofrequency waves to heat the three layers of the skin. This can help:

* Stimulate collagen production

* Elimiate wrinkles

* Reduce the presence of age lines

* Sagging skin on various areas of the body can be effectively addressed

* Cellulite can be eliminated


The procedure is performed by a physician and may require more than one treatment depending on the existing condition of the skin to be treated. Thermage is nowhere near as invasive as surgery or injection therapy.

Everyone is concerned about looking older, or their skin being damaged by the sun or childbirth. Today, even men are concerned with the effects of aging. Years ago the only alternative to youthful looking skin was plastic surgery or liposuction or laser resurfacing or even harsh chemicals such as Retinol treatments. Yet, in most cases these were quite expensive and required lengthy recuperation times.

Today however, there is yet another avenue we can take to try and go back to our youthful bodies. That avenue is Thermage Therapy.

Thermage CPT

Thermage CPT treatment

Thermage treatment

Thermage CPT therapy is a unique and effective procedure that does not require surgery and has no body invasive procedures. Further, Thermage Treatment has a greatly reduced recovery time so you can return to your normal activities much faster than with traditional surgeries. The Thermage Treatment procedure consists uses RF technology to produce skin reduction and shaping device by targeting the adipose tissue areas with heat while insuring the top layers of the skin remain cool. This results in new revived and tighter skin. As with any procedure there is bruising but this soon goes away.


Thermage Therapy is not for everyone though. People who have experienced saggy skin for many years may not have the results of someone who only has a small amount of sagging skin. Further, people age 40 and under typically have better results because of their age and the age related elasticity of their skin. It is always recommended that you check with your Doctor and perhaps even a Plastic Surgeon to see if Thermage Therapy is less expensive overall than other traditional medical procedures.


Thermage treatment conclusion

Thermage Therapy treatments are general less costly, non-invasive, and require far less recuperation time than cosmetic surgery. Thermage is far less damaging to the skin, muscle and tissue than surgery. In consideration of the fact that the only real time reversing effect for our bodies is in the mythical time machine, Themage is probably the next best thing.

We have here a range of articles and information to help you should decide if Thermage Therapy is for you. Look carefully at Thermage before and after photos and read our Thermage Treatment Reviews.

Before deciding whether Themage is suitable for you do have a full consultation with a doctor and look carefully at the information provided on this site and from the clinics that you are considering using.


Thermage Reviews

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